Monday, September 17, 2007

Sunkulamma temple destruction

One more (dis)credit to YSR clan. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, son of Y S Rajasekhar Reddy has some hidden grudge on Hindus. First, they tried to christianize Tirumala hills. Now, the younger Reddy blew up Sunkulamma temple in Obullapuram village in Anantapur district. Jagan and his buddy Janardhan Reddy blew up the temple as a part of acquiring the land for their illegal mining project. Had this been a church or a masjid, I do wonder if he would have the balls to ground them. This kid is growing up to be a worse human being than his father and grand father put together. He is currently treating AP as his backyard and is freaking out his way to glory. Time only would tell this guy that the tables would turn soon and he would have to fold his tail and go into hibernation to cool his heels.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Another crime

Another new day in Hyderabad and another crime by a son of a well known politician - Keshava Rao (KK). He is mostly regarded as one of the key people along with YSR to bring Congrss govt to power in Hyd. And more often than not, both KK and YSR do have their hand in hand in all the decisions being taken.

Venkat Rao, son of KK, has been arrested of a day-light murder of a realtor friend. I quite don't understand how much money they want to make. They have already swndles thousands of acres of land in AP and this guy has killed for some petty land. I am always surprised at the way greed makes people behave in various idiotic ways. After murdering the realtor, the way the Congress people are covering up this case seems to amaze me even further. The latest is that this Venkat guy is shcoked and admitted to a hospital. And the latest story is even funny. It seems the guy who got murdered had 2 wives and is facing a lot of personal problems due to which he committed suicide. All the more interesting is the fact that Mr. Digvijay Singh - who looks after the state congress affairs, told media that Venkat is in no way related to Congress and even aclnowledged that crime has been committed. Strange are the ways these guys behave. It is a well known fact that Venkat is one of the key members of Youth congress and also a director in APTDC.

Throughout this saga, our hero CM, is very tight lipped about this whole incident. And KK has been on TV shouting his brains out about his integrity and his son's innocence.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


I am a Hyderabadi by birth but moved onto Bangalore for a while now. Back during the days when I was in Hyderabad, apart from the occassional tiffs, it was more or less a peaceful city. I am not FOR any politicians but I always felt that the state and especially Hyderabad made a lot of progress during Babu's regime. The processess were in place and in general the law and order prevailed.

I have been following the events happening in the state though I am not staying there for the past 3-4 years. I feel that YSR's govt has hatched a long-term plan to disintegrate the state, loot as much as they can and fearing that they may not come to power again, they are trying to make a real quick buck whlie they are in power. YSR doesn't even think twice before grabbing land or eliminating people who come in his way. He shook hands with Naxals for coming into power and then tried to suppress them. This has backfired and the Naxal movement that was kind of completely eliminated from AP is growing back again. This was such a dangerous move by YSR to come into power. He joined hands with the foxy KCR for breaking up Telangana and showed them the same finger that he showed to Naxals.

If you do a thorough analysis of the series of events that are happening over the past 2 years, I do get a feeling that there is a stronger disaster waiting to happen in the near future. I hope that this disaster is not YSR coming back to power again.

God bless Hyderabad and people of AP.

I would request the readers to place their comments about what they feel is happening in AP. I am just doing my bit to bring forward the atrocities that are being done by YSR govt towards the common man. I feel that this blog is worth the effort if I succeed in getting atleast one educated AP person to go and vote for a deserving candidate.
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